When Is The Right Time To Upgrade Your It System?

When Is The Right Time To Upgrade Your It System

Today’s companies can no longer take the “if it is not broke, don’t fix it” approach to running their businesses. Companies have seen profits decline over the last year, and many of them did not survive. Material costs are rising at alarming rates due to shortages in commodities.

The negative impact caused by COVID-19 is felt across the globe, still impacting even the most fundamental aspects of daily life. Social distancing restrictions have had a direct effect on the labor market, limiting the ability of companies to produce materials at levels seen in previous years. With tighter margins, companies are looking at different ways to become more efficient and increase profits.

Some companies are deciding to upgrade their IT systems to help their reduced labor forces operate more efficiently. When IT equipment is too slow or outdated, it can reduce daily output resulting in lost revenue. Once businesses decide to upgrade their IT assets, the first step is to decommission their current data center. Avail Recovery is a trusted IT asset disposition partner that specializes in managing this process.

Evaluating Your Current It System

Companies go through cycles every 3-5 years, so your IT system must remain aligned with your changing objectives. Here are a few reasons why your company may benefit from the improvements in current technology.

  • Improve slow and faulty servers.
    • Reduced efficiency impacts the number of tasks performed daily, resulting in wasted labor costs.
    • Employees can become frustrated and feel a lack of commitment from the company, resulting in low employee morale.
  • Reduce security risks.
    • Data breaches have increased dramatically over recent years, putting companies with outdated security on their IT systems at greater risk.
  • Change business practices.
    • Covid-19 has caused a new trend that is likely to become the new norm in workplace practices. Work from home programs allows companies to provide their employees the flexibility they need to work safely and deal with family obligations. Businesses should evaluate their IT systems to see if updates are necessary to enable employees to work productively from home.

Preparing your Company for Future Growth

Once you’ve decided it is time to upgrade your current system or purchase entirely new equipment, Avail will manage the entire process to ensure a smooth transition. Companies that survived the pandemic will be able to grow as the economy slowly begins to open.

Preparing your Company for Future Growth
They will have opportunities to take on new customers that once belonged to their competitors.  Because this can happen quickly, some companies may not support this growth if their IT systems are outdated or of inferior technology.

Companies with inadequate IT systems could lose future revenue due to increased labor costs and redundant processes. When you decide to improve your IT system, you need a reliable partner.

Avail is a trusted IT asset disposition partner that will manage the entire process of IT asset decommissioning. Whether the job is small or replacing the whole data center, Avail Recovery is your best choice for full-service IT asset disposition. (Source: The Ame Group)

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