May 2022
Should I Take Apart My Devices Before Recycling Them?
We all have old devices around in our homes and businesses. When it’s time to recycle your old devices, the first question you might ask is whether or not you should take them apart first. After all, there are valuable components inside that could be recycled or sold separately. But is it worth the time...
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How Secure is My Data in the Cloud
Data safety is an important topic, especially in the cloud. More often than not, it’s the case of “better safe than sorry.” As a result, companies store tons of data on their servers and are more aware of the consequences of a breach or equipment failure. Storing data in the cloud is safer than storing...
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Many companies view information technology asset disposal (ITAD) as a one-time event. However, a successful and compliant ITAD process requires ongoing logistics support to ensure data security and regulatory compliance. Recovery logistics are essential for any company looking to execute an ITAD plan successfully. What are Recovery Logistics? Recovery logistics involve the storage, handling, and...
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