Asset Recovery and Buyback

Asset Recovery and Buyback

We help companies monetize their out-of-service IT hardware while fully managing the logistics, data security, and reporting.

Recovering market value from your decommissioned IT hardware can be a great way to stretch your company’s IT budget. We stay up to date on the market value of all types of enterprise IT assets to maximize our customers’ economic return.

We offer two primary mechanisms for sharing market value with our customers:
  1. Up-front purchase offer : This option is often preferable because it allows for a price comparison with other potential buyers. However, it does require that your team spend the time to assemble an accurate list of equipment with configuration details, which can be an arduous process
  2. Revenue share : Under this model, we work with the customer to obtain a minimum amount of information for us to be able to get the equipment picked up. Once received, we will test the hardware and resell for as much as possible. A majority portion of the proceeds is returned to the customer.

We offer flexible payment options including direct funds transfer, credit for trade-in or services, employee purchase programs, or charity donations.

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