April 2021
5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology that is becoming a universal standard across the globe. This technology provides a vast expansion that enables the connectivity of mobile devices with other machines and wireless belongings. The ideal rollout of this technology will require a massive overhaul of our current information technology infrastructure. With an...
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E-Waste in a Circular Economy
E-Waste accounts for about 50 million tons of global waste each year. This has led to the rising need for a circular world economy to reduce the carbon footprint of companies producing large volumes of electronic waste. The current tendency towards a linear economy model takes electronic waste and leaves it with nowhere to go....
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Why is Data Destruction Essential
The proper physical destruction and recycling of electronic devices are essential in maintaining a healthy environment. Still, without the appropriate destruction of data on those devices, sensitive data could be left open to unauthorized use, exploitation, and theft. Data destruction is an essential part of electronic recycling to secure or destroy any sensitive information on...
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