May 2021
When Is The Right Time To Upgrade Your It System
Today’s companies can no longer take the “if it is not broke, don’t fix it” approach to running their businesses. Companies have seen profits decline over the last year, and many of them did not survive. Material costs are rising at alarming rates due to shortages in commodities. The negative impact caused by COVID-19 is...
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IT equipment recycling involves the salvaging of precious metals and minerals that require mining or give off harmful byproducts within the environment. Reusing these otherwise nonrenewable resources helps to revitalize the electronic economy. Recovering products that have not yet reached the end of their life extends the value of these resources, allows maximum returns on...
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Americans are creating eight times more electronic waste than in 1990, and only one in six of those electronics are getting recycled. What should we do with our old electronics, and why should we recycle them? The first step in recycling old electronics is finding a drop off-site. Many big box electronic stores like Staples...
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