Certified Data Destruction

Certified Data Destruction

The average cost of a data breach is $3.8M, and the damage to your brand can reverberate for years to come. That’s why Avail has made it our top priority to not just mitigate, but eliminate data security risks.

Our customers can rest assured that all data-bearing assets turned over to us are being wiped clean or physically destroyed. We offer end-to-end chain-of-custody during transportation to ensure accountability between all parties. Our erasure software complies with all major government standards, including NIST 800-88, DOD 8550-22-M, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, FACTA, and SOX.

To help our clients maintain a clean audit trail we offer the following:
  • Serialized Certificate of Destruction indicating which media was wiped and destroyed
  • $5 Million Cyber Liability policy
  • Clear language for privacy and non-disclosure in our Master Services Agreement
  • Published Information Security Policy outlining physical and virtual security measures

For assets that cannot be shipped off-site for sanitization we offer certified on-site data erasure. To preserve the market value of storage media, we will send a technician to your location to wipe storage arrays, servers, and computers using industry-leading software in compliance with all US regulatory standards. For any drives that cannot be wiped, we will coordinate on-site shredding with one of our nationwide NAID AAA certified hard drive shredding partners.

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