The Avail Difference


We have strived to fill a much needed gap in the IT asset disposition (ITAD) industry, which focuses primarily on long-term contracts and e-waste compliance.

For companies that are looking to sell off their valuable IT hardware there are not many solutions that allow for a simple transaction, in a fully compliant manner. In the past, most companies would turn to IT resellers who do not have the ITAD capabilities to facilitate a secure hand-off.

So we have bridged that gap and call it The Avail Difference

CapabilitiesAvail RecoveryTraditional ITADReseller
Certifications for safe e-waste disposal 
Compliant, audited data destruction processes 
Detailed asset management reporting 
Full Service Logistics (removal, packing, shipping) 
Interested in all IT hardware categories (accepts mixed lots) 
Up-front buyback offers 
Highest possible value recovery 
Minimal processing fees 
Technical capabilities for handling data center hardware 
On-site audit, data erasure, and de-installation capabilities  

Please contact us to learn more or request a fully compliant buyout proposal.

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