Hardware Trade-In

Vendor Neutral IT Hardware Trade-In Program

By popular demand Avail Recovery has initiated a Hardware Trade-In Program that allows our customers to apply asset recovery funds directly to the credit account of their preferred Value Added Reseller (VAR). These funds can be applied to an account either as a credit memo for future purchases or to pay down existing invoices.

Many IT organizations find it difficult to gain access to asset recovery funds if they have to pass through their internal finance. This is a great way to use the residual value of decommissioned IT hardware to help pay for the next generation of technology.

Increase your IT budget without dealing with the tax implications of receiving revenue for depreciated assets.

Benefits :

  • Retain IT asset recovery funds for use by the IT department.
  • Avoid tax implications of receiving revenue for depreciated assets.
  • Can be applied to any VAR account number via a simple e-signature to initiate funds transfer.
  • Able to request new resellers to be setup and our finance team will have them in our system within 30 days.
  • Work directly with the asset recovery company to maximize recovery rates.
  • Drive compliance by working with a certified IT asset disposition company.

Steps :

  1. Send list of decommissioned hardware to Avail Recovery.
  2. Receive trade-in proposal that includes our certified asset disposition services.
    • Removal, packing and shipping of hardware with chain-of-custody.
    • On-site or off-site NIST 800-88 compliant data destruction.
    • Detailed reporting of assets with itemized Fair Market Values
    • Responsible recycling of e-waste material.
  3. Transfer recovered funds directly to the credit account with your reseller of choice.
  4. Receive full report of all activities including certificates of disposal and destruction.

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