Salvaging Non-Renewable Resources From Decommissioned IT Equipment


IT equipment recycling involves the salvaging of precious metals and minerals that require mining or give off harmful byproducts within the environment. Reusing these otherwise nonrenewable resources helps to revitalize the electronic economy.

Recovering products that have not yet reached the end of their life extends the value of these resources, allows maximum returns on all parts of a product. Electronic technology is, and will continue to be, essential in the growing economy. Reusing and properly recycling this technology reduces e-waste and increases your bottom line.

Economic Value

The constant production of new electronic devices requires time, energy, and natural resources, so understanding our best options is paramount. With the reuse and repurposing of outdated or secondhand electronics, the economic value of components can be significantly extended.

The process of extracting, processing, and repurposing valuable materials, such as heavy metals, has been designed to generate “the highest revenue value of the metal recovery process.” By increasing the lifespan of these materials, companies and individuals can sustain the highest level of economic sustainability by reusing materials that still have life left in them.

Additionally, varying amounts of gold are in most, if not all, retired IT assets. This precious metal can be recovered through proper hydrometallurgical processes to ensure the highest recovery value of your recycled devices.

Environmental Impact of Value Materials

Without the proper disposal of decommissioned IT equipment, the EPA indicates a rise in irreversible health effects to the general population. These include:

  • Cancers
  • Miscarriages
  • Neurological damage
  • Diminished IQs
    (Source: EPA)

By extending the value of electronic components, we cut down on the mining of lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic, all known to cause adverse health effects. These contaminants are a byproduct of the technological production of everyday electronics like phones and computers. When these devices are improperly disposed of in landfills, these harmful substances can not be reutilized for future output and may end up where they don’t belong.

The crucial nature of proper disposal of retired IT assets does not end with economic value. While monetary value does play a role in proper electronic disposal, the environmental impact can be lessened with the recovery of critical materials.

Hydrometallurgical treatment of recycled electronics works to distill and separate the valuable materials to create the least amount of environmental damage possible. This process separates heavy metals from other toxic chemicals and substances to repurpose these nonrenewable resources. This process also cuts down on harmful chemical byproducts and fossil fuel emissions necessary in the manufacturing process.

Preserving energy, resources, and economic value is an essential part of Avail Recovery’s goals. We strive to provide the best opportunities to maintain value and resources for you and your company. With us, you can rest easy knowing that you can maximize profit by reusing your valuable resources.

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