RetrieveIT is a platform designed to help IT service desk administrators and service providers manage the safe retrieval of individual or small batches of IT assets from distributed sites (home users, retail locations, small branch offices).

With the massive shift to work-from-home IT departments and service providers are facing a challenge with managing the logistics of retrieving small batches of used IT equipment for redeployment or asset disposal. The parcel carriers websites (FedEx/UPS) are designed for general purpose use and are not well suited for these scenarios. In addition, there are concerns around data security, asset management, and packaging that make this a particularly difficult task.

RetrieveIT solves this problem by offering the following solutions:

  • Direct API integration with FedEx.
  • Universal fit boxes can be sent out same day for a variety of product types.
    • Customized box design available by model number.
    • OR employees can use their own box and instantly generate a shipping label.
  • Detailed instructions, return labels and packing materials provided so site contacts can easily pack and ship equipment of different types.
  • Requests can be entered on behalf of clients / internal customers through the login portal OR custom URL can be generated to send out to individual staff or in bulk for self-service booking of equipment returns.
  • Tracking portal.
    • Customer portal shows a summary of all requests and the status.
      • Statuses: Pending Box Request, Box in Transit, Pending Shipment, In Transit, Received.
  • Search, filter and export data based on many data points.
    • Employee name, asset tag, serial number, model number, business unit, status and request date.
  • Set up unlimited Ship-To addresses available in picklist during each request.
    • Ship to service provider.
    • Ship to IT asset disposition (ITAD) provider (recommend Avail Recovery).
    • Ship to internal IT department.
    • Ship directly to another user.

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