July 2021
My Old Hard Drives
Old Hard Drives are something every company has lying around. Updates are completed, and old drives go into storage or are sent out as e-waste. However, most companies don’t know that these hard drives can still have value. Old hard drives can be used as a source of income for your company that you might...
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Selling Your Used IT Equipment
Once a company decides to replace their IT equipment, they must decide what to do with their old equipment. Taking the proper steps to sell IT equipment can positively impact a company’s IT budget. In addition, becoming familiar with the best practices will allow you to get maximum return for their old IT equipment. Avail...
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Understanding Data Destruction
Protecting your company’s data during times when data breaches are occurring regularly is a top priority. Companies should do their due diligence when planning the equipment decommission process to ensure they adhere to their data protection requirements. The first step is making sure you have a good understanding of the processes used to destroy the...
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