Reuse or Recycle Old Graphics Cards
Graphics cards are expensive. If you have a computer with an old graphics card, then you might be considering what to do with it when your next upgrade comes around. Luckily for you, there are many ways that you can reuse or sell your old graphics card. This article will discuss some of the different...
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Maintenance Management Platform-1
Avail Recovery’s tool provides many benefits to you as an end-user. We have designed a maintenance management tool just for you. With our API (Application Programming interface), your monitors will function more smoothly and operate more profitably. Discover the top benefits our tool can provide. Improved Financial Performance Lower maintenance costs Increased ROI Increased chance...
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Maintenance Contract Problems and How to Solve Them
Maintenance is the keystone to any successful business. It’s what assures you that your assets are in tip-top shape and functioning correctly, but things can get tricky without proper maintenance contracts management. With a lack of management for these contract agreements, it becomes risky because there may be compliance issues or security concerns we’re not...
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Improving Technology in Underdeveloped
Worldwide, companies are becoming more aware of environmental issues and the need to reuse technology resources. As a result, used equipment plays a vital role in many businesses’ sustainable IT management practices today. In fact, according to IDC, up to 70% of companies have purchased used equipment in recent years. Additionally, many companies have become...
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Technology Refresh Program
In the modern age, organizations are constantly making changes to increase profits and reduce costs. If your IT equipment can’t support these changes, the results could have the opposite of the intended effect, and your organization may ultimately face significant issues. There are certain businesses where accurate, up-to-date information supported by a dependable infrastructure is...
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When Is The Right Time To Upgrade Your It System
Today’s companies can no longer take the “if it is not broke, don’t fix it” approach to running their businesses. Companies have seen profits decline over the last year, and many of them did not survive. Material costs are rising at alarming rates due to shortages in commodities. The negative impact caused by COVID-19 is...
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When discussing IT asset disposition (ITAD) security protocols with clients there is an elephant in the room that often does not get directly acknowledged. And that is the fact that there is a risk of data loss while equipment is in transit between the client’s site and the ITAD vendor’s facility. If there is equipment...
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Asset recovery is a core function of the IT asset disposition (ITAD) process. Without it, ITAD would be a major cost center for most companies. But for organizations on a regular refresh cycle a good ITAD program can actually be a revenue generating activity. This article is going to shed some light on how Avail...
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It doesn’t matter what you call it: IT Asset Disposal/Disposition (ITAD), Electronics Recycling, Surplus Liquidation, End-of-Life Asset Management, or Value/Investment Recovery—it’s all the same thing. This might be offensive or disagreeable to people working in the industry trying to come up with new buzzwords to differentiate their businesses, but let’s get real! The bottom line...
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