The Benefits of a Technology Refresh Program

Technology Refresh Program

In the modern age, organizations are constantly making changes to increase profits and reduce costs. If your IT equipment can’t support these changes, the results could have the opposite of the intended effect, and your organization may ultimately face significant issues. There are certain businesses where accurate, up-to-date information supported by a dependable infrastructure is crucial to operations.

When a company must replace or upgrade their IT equipment, they need to rely on a company experienced in IT asset disposition services. Avail Recovery will manage the entire process and help you monetize your out-of-service IT hardware to help increase your IT equipment budget.

Your Refresh Needs an Upgrade

In the past, companies would get as much of a return on their IT equipment investment as possible by waiting longer before looking for upgrades. That option is not available in today’s technology environment.

Newer and more advanced hardware and software options hit the market regularly. With newer technology comes the benefits of potential increased profits through better efficiency. New technology can also result in higher levels of quality in a company’s products and services.

Many companies are switching to more structured technology refresh programs. These have more manageable costs and provide more frequent upgrades while providing better control of lifecycle asset management.

Instead of continuing to maintain and use aging or outdated systems, they implement a technology refresh program that allows them to replace different parts of their infrastructure regularly.

Having a solid tech refresh program ensures the business has the most current technology available. Not only is this process much more manageable and cost-effective, but the replacement of the equipment is also relatively seamless.

Essential Things to Consider for Your Refresh Plan;

  • It is essential to take inventory of your current equipment. This inventory list must be accurate and complete. Most companies maintain a database of all the equipment by serial number. Your stock must also include the existing software. It is vital to assess the effectiveness of your equipment to help prioritize which items to replace first.
  • Identify critical areas of need and prioritize those. For example, your business may have had issues with security breaches recently. That would make securing your network a top priority.
  • Reduce the cost of your plan by looking for asset recovery and buyback Selling your used equipment can offset the cost of your refresh. Avail Recovery helps customers get market value for their used IT assets.
  • Performing a technology refresh is an excellent opportunity to access what equipment is no longer needed. You will usually find old technology that has been taking up space resulting in clutter in labs or closets. Please take this opportunity to discard this equipment by donating or recycling it.


Final Thoughts

Keeping your company’s IT equipment working at optimum levels will ensure that your business operations run efficiently. This will not only help your company remain stable, but it will streamline your workflows and better position you for growth.

Partnering with the right team will make the process of upgrading your IT equipment seamless. Avail Recovery is a leading expert in advanced IT asset disposition and can manage the entire process for your organization, helping to streamline efficiency and minimize headaches. (Source: Audra London)

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