Improving Technology in Underdeveloped Communities

Improving Technology in Underdeveloped

Worldwide, companies are becoming more aware of environmental issues and the need to reuse technology resources. As a result, used equipment plays a vital role in many businesses’ sustainable IT management practices today. In fact, according to IDC, up to 70% of companies have purchased used equipment in recent years.

Additionally, many companies have become more socially aware of the lack of technology in underdeveloped communities. These companies’ team with different non-profit organizations that refurbish decommissioned equipment and make it available to schools, businesses, and individuals in these communities. Avail Recovery can ensure your valuable data is protected while minimizing your environmental footprint when retiring your company’s IT equipment.

Empowering Disadvantaged Communities with Refurbished IT Equipment

Data shows that in 2019 there were approximately 53 million metric tons of electronic waste produced. Furthermore, the data shows that only 17% of this waste was recycled correctly.

One of the major roadblocks for worldwide economic development is that many areas lack IT equipment and skilled digital technology professionals. The lack of electronic equipment, directly linked to social and economic growth in underdeveloped locations, needs to be addressed.

Several non-profit organizations have joined the technology refurbishment industry to provide underdeveloped communities access to newer refurbished technology.

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Here are some of the services organizations that are committed to this vital cause provide;

  • Make information and communication technology equipment made accessible to underserved communities around the world. They provide high-quality refurbished computers to non-profit and non-governmental organizations.
  • Train volunteers to refurbish used equipment with a focus on being environmentally responsible. In addition, they are partnering with humanitarian organizations around the world to support their respective communities.
  • Partner with community organizations and schools to develop and implement technology training and work-based learning. Students learn classroom skills and gain real-life experience to benefit their schools and communities.
  • Organizations to help veterans and their families are using refurbished computers to provide training to build computer skills allowing them to connect with employers.

A Call for Action

The lack of computer access in many communities across America has been exposed during the pandemic. While communities across the country worked to battle the crisis, there was practically no public access to computers. Local governments placed shelter-at-home orders on schools, libraries, businesses, and community centers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one-fifth of American households do not possess an internet-connected computer.

Many national and local foundations have been working hard to solve this problem by initiating a nationwide call to action requesting that companies donate their surplus computers. These foundations are seeking corporate donations of new or decommissioned computers on a large scale.

Companies and government agencies are being challenged to address this critical need. Currently, there is a massive supply of decommissioned equipment sitting in warehouses and IT closets around the country. That equipment alone could provide significant relief to these underdeveloped communities.

Taking action to bridge the considerable technology gap that exists in underdeveloped communities is essential. Socially conscious organizations worldwide can lead these efforts by donating their decommissioned equipment to be refurbished and reused in underdeveloped communities. These actions will prevent communities from falling further behind due to limited access to technology.

Additionally, refurbishment and reuse of technology equipment help reduce the amount of electronic waste put into the environment. Once you’ve decided to decommission your IT equipment, call Avail Recovery to ensure all data has been properly removed. (Source:

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