What Effect Will 5G Have on Electronic Waste?


5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology that is becoming a universal standard across the globe. This technology provides a vast expansion that enables the connectivity of mobile devices with other machines and wireless belongings. The ideal rollout of this technology will require a massive overhaul of our current information technology infrastructure.

With an upgraded wireless network system, common technological devices, such as cell phones, will need to be reconfigured to match the new system. Older devices are going to be completely outdated, and newer technology is going to need an overhaul in design and function.

This new network could generate a massive tech boom that would result in larger than normal volumes of electronic waste production. Without proper disposal and recycling initiatives, this boom could devastate the natural environment.

5G Infrastructure Changes

The 5G cellular network is promised to be faster and better than ever. This could mean clearer calls and video chats that reduce lag. Wireless communication could evolve tremendously within the next few years.

However, this new system will guarantee the rapid obsoletion of our current tech devices. Most of our current technology is built to run on 4G LTE networks or older, and they may not be able to keep up with the demand 5G has on devices.

In order to fully take part in the 5G upgrade, most devices must be replaced in favor of faster operating systems. With this in mind, 5G technology is going to require a massive change in our current IT infrastructure. Older devices are going to need replacing as most will not be compatible with a completely different cellular network system.

As the electronic waste industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, 5G is paving the way for electronic disposal to be more necessary than ever. Most solid waste does not carry the disadvantages associated with technological waste. Tech waste often contains harmful or radioactive materials that cause harm to people and the environment when not properly recycled or discarded.

Electronic waste cannot simply be thrown in a landfill. That is why we at Avail Recovery practice a no landfill policy to help circulate tech waste. With current practices, we can recycle salvageable parts of outdated technology to be repurposed in the expanding tech industry.

Consumer Impact

Companies and consumers that will be upgrading to 5G need to be aware of the negative impacts electronic waste may have on the natural environment. When disposing of inactive devices, you will need to find a company experienced in handling and disposing of e-waste. We have made it our mission to provide safe and efficient services to properly dispose of and recycle old or outdated devices.

Tech companies work with the idea of planned obsoletion in order to routinely sell new and updated technology. Purchasing newer technology may be necessary for today’s economy, but what you do with your older devices does not have to result in environmental damage.

Work with a trusted tech recycling company that specializes in electronic waste before discarding tech. We even offer buyback and revenue share programs that will make recycling worth your time!

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