Ways to Increase the Value of Your IT Assets

Ways to Increase the Value of Your IT Assets

An IT asset is anything that you own and use in the course of business. Whether it’s a computer, laptop, mobile device, software package, or enterprise-level product – you’re responsible for its value.

That is why we created this list of ways to increase the value of your IT assets so that they can be recovered and reused by other businesses when you no longer need them.

Maintain Equipment Properly with Regular Maintenance Checks

An often-overlooked way to increase IT asset value is regularly scheduled maintenance checks. Suppose you can diagnose and repair issues before they become significant problems. In that case, your equipment will last longer – meaning it has more time on its clock.

Additionally, the cost of repairing a PC or server that’s already broken usually far outweighs the smaller amount that it would cost to fix when you first notice the issue.

Conduct Inventory Valuations to Track Value Changes

If you regularly track and value your IT assets, it will be easy to see which ones are worth more than others. You can use that information when planning an upgrade or other change in the near future by identifying equipment with higher-than-average values so that you can sell them. At the same time, they’re still valuable – rather than waiting until their value has declined.

Knowing When to Upgrade or Replace

Knowing when it’s time for a replacement is easy: any piece of equipment that isn’t fit-for-purpose should be replaced immediately so that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible. However, knowing when an upgrade would be beneficial is a bit more challenging.

Suppose you know that your new equipment will improve productivity and provide better value. In that case, it’s time to upgrade – but if the difference between old and new isn’t enough to justify switching, then you should simply replace broken or out-of-date devices as needed.

Use Your Assets for As Long as Possible

The longer you can use your IT assets, the more value they will have. This means that it’s essential to take care of them to last for as long as possible, keeping in mind when replacement or upgrade cycles would be beneficial. It also means taking advantage of extended warranties and service contracts when possible.

By limiting the amount of time that passes between repairs and servicing, you’ll be able to keep your devices in use for a much more extended period, maximizing their value along the way.

Sell Your Assets When You No Longer Need Them

It’s time to sell when it’s no longer economical or feasible to continue using an IT asset. However, suppose you can do so at or near full value. In that case, your return on investment will be much higher than if you sold the device for a fraction of what you originally paid, which is why it pays to keep track of your IT assets from day one and make sure that they’re always appropriately valued.

Donate or Recycle When You Can No Longer Sell Your Assets

Sometimes it makes more sense to donate an asset if you can’t sell it at a beneficial price for your business. For example, selling a five-year-old laptop would likely yield less than half of what you paid – whereas donating the same device and using the tax deduction can result in a net positive for your company.

Donate or Recycle When You Can No Longer Sell Your Assets

Additionally, it’s essential to recycle and reuse as much of your equipment as possible – both to save on costs and protect the environment.

Avail Recovery Can Help You Get the Most From IT Assets

With these tips, you can increase the value of your IT assets so that they recover more money when it comes time to sell or donate them. Of course, having an ITAD company on your side can help as well.

Avail Recovery can help you get the most money back for your old IT assets. Avail offers Hardware Trade-In, Recovery Logistics, Electronics Recycling, Asset Recovery, and Buyback programs to help your company with IT asset needs.

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