Modified Logistics During Pandemic

Making a List During a Pandemic

We hope this post finds you and yours happy and healthy through this challenging time. While many business aspects around the country are currently on hold, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to continue to serve our customers. In compliance with CDC Guidelines, our logistics partners have implemented several measures to ensure collections are performed safely.

Some of these measures (and service options) include:

  • Curbside pickup
  • Frequent disinfection of equipment/frequent hand washing
  • Cloth face covering
  • Safe distance from others (6-10 feet)

In some cases, a customer may wish to have zero human interface – We have solutions:

Customized asset tag markers (for differentiation) can be sent to you prior to collection.  The shipper may apply them to the assets before pickup.  These markers will identify the correct assets to be collected after location access is granted.  This reduces the exchange to a call prior to arrival, and when complete.  Numbered labels for application are also available and offer additional preference-driven features.

“Shipper Kits” – Packing supplies and a secure container can be shipped to you directly.  The Shipper readies the assets, seals the container, and stages in an appropriate area for shipping.

Combinations of the above /customer-preference driven.

Feel free to share this information with your staff as you see fit.  We would like to instill confidence that measures are being taken to ensure safe business practices.

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