ITAD Helps With Your Company’s Sustainability Goals

ITAD Helps With Your Company’s Sustainability Goals

Electronic waste is becoming the fastest-growing solid waste stream across the globe, and this poses an urgent need for new solutions. The rise of recycling infrastructure, namely your ITAD programs, is helping to combat this global problem as organizations make efforts to increase adoption rates worldwide.

A complete IT Asset Management and Disposition program considers environmental, as well as financial, factors. The following four characteristics will help achieve lasting organizational goals such as sustainability. Make sure you include: what you buy, how you dispose or work smarter, not harder.

Use ITAD To Purchase Sustainably Sourced Equipment

In a world where climate change, human rights issues, and environmental issues all play a role in consumers’ buying choices, we can start the processes by examining our procurement approaches to gain better visibility over the activities of our partners and suppliers. Understanding what you are buying and how it was built is essential and understanding your product’s lifecycle.

As the leading global ecolabel for the IT sector, EPEAT helps conserve the environment by verifying manufacturers’ products independently. In addition, national governments, including the United States and many other organizations worldwide, use EPEAT to make responsible purchasing decisions.

The EPEAT registry lists sustainable products from many companies. These products help reduce environmental impact by meeting strict environmental standards, including energy conversation to EOL management.


Every product we use begins with manufacturing. Materials and energy are used when making a new product, putting undue strain on the environment. Earth is full of materials such as copper and aluminum, but extracting these resources requires intensive labor. Regarding how long products last in use, electronic devices traditionally only last ten years; this leaves between 6-7 potential years of ‘useful’ life behind to make way for new product models and company refreshes.

Save money and the environment with the ITAD approach. The easiest way to engage in sustainable practices, protect the environment, and help achieve your sustainability goals is by promoting and engaging in reuse with key team members and recycling old or unnecessary equipment.

Working with an ITAD partner is the best way to guarantee that all equipment you donate isn’t disposed of improperly. Your partner will work with businesses to donate working equipment, prepare them for reuse, and help with the final donation steps. In addition, by partnering with a qualified ITAD partner, you can work on other sustainability goals without worrying about what will happen to donated equipment.


Americans are throwing away an estimated $55 billion worth of e-waste annually without factoring in the damage to the environment. However, just 20% of e-waste is documented to have been collected and recycled, despite high-value recoverable materials.

ITAD Helps With Your Company’s Sustainability Goals

Recycling is essential for improving sustainability goals. However, there are various recycling services out there. By working with a company that is certified by the industry standards, procedures, and regulations for recycling data-containing devices, you can ensure they not only offer responsible environmental practices but have no issues securing your private information.

If certifications are one side of the data security coin, transparency is the other. To meet sustainable goals from retrieving from recycling from an ITAD partner, you need a partner that can deliver real-time access and complete visibility into the entire downstream process. This will ensure that your equipment and data are recycled correctly by providing audited information that includes your processing network’s weights, destinations, and credentials.


It has been proven that what gets measured gets improved. So while corporate ESG goals can be a challenge to measure, ITAD can help with their sustainability goals, from information collection to measurement and reporting.

To help measure progress towards your sustainability goals, it is essential to use ITAD. Collecting data from various sources can be challenging. However, one strategy in reporting is done by a lead partner or one consolidating with the right ITAD partner.

Data gathering can help align your sustainability goals. The goal to spread sustainable programs has different steps, such as recycling. Include categories, units, weights, and locations in your data. For recycling material, it’s essential to know what these materials will be used for in the future – think circular economy initiatives!

Avail Recovery is Your Key to Sustainability

Avail Recovery can help any company reduce waste and promote sustainability. We offer hardware trade-in programs to ensure your refresh produces as little waste as possible.  Asset Recovery and Buyback is also available to take your old equipment off your hands and find a new home.

Avail also helps with data center decommissioning, telecom services, and mobile device programs. Contact us today by email: [email protected] or call us at 855-896-2576

for more info on how we can help you with a free project assessment and provide information for any questions you may have.

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