M Series

M Serise

The M Series is Junipers edge router line which includes the first Juniper product, the M40. The M Series utilizes Flexible PIC Concentrators (FPC) that hold four Physical Interface Cards (PIC) for easy installation. All M Series edge routers are less than 1 RU in size with most allowing for compatibility with other M series PIC’s. M series offerings include the M7i, M10i, M40e, M120 and M320.

The M Series are multiservice edge routers at a compact size allowing for network consolidation and smaller scale router configurations. The M series capabilities grow with each Junos release making the M series a great choice for all networks. The same Junos software on every M series router gives a consistent set of capabilities for all network locations. The flexibility of the multiservice M series routers make them perfect for service providers and enterprises. M series routers are great for edge routing, data centers, internet gateway routing, WAN routing and as a regional backbone.