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Avail is a full service IT asset recovery company that specializes in buyback and resale of Juniper products.

Juniper Networks’ line of products includes aggregate and core routers, switches, and firewalls for all business sizes and types. From service providers to data centers and enterprises, Juniper products will be great additions or upgrades for all your networking needs.

The modular or fixed configurations allow for any degree of freedom for your networks.

JunosOS is a FreeBSD based operating system used in all of Junipers routing, switching and security devices. Juniper provides a software development kit with JunosOS to allow for almost complete customization to fit every customer’s needs.

EX Series

Juniper EX Series switches have access, aggregate and core networking capabilities. Most EX Series switches are 1 Rack Unit (RU) in size making them fantastic choices for facilities with limited hardware space.

The EX Series consists of nine subseries of switches in fixed and modular configurations with availability in multiple port configurations. The flexibility allows customers to select the best hardware for their networking needs.

Access EX Series are Juniper’s entry-level line consisting of the EX2200, EX2300, EX3300, EX4200, and EX 4300. The listed switches are all 1 RU fixed configuration switches that support mostly 1G Ethernet ports. The EX2300, EX3300 and EX4200 support up to 10G Ethernet while the EX3400 and EX4300 support up to 40G Ethernet.

The EX4550 and EX4600 are Junipers two aggregate switches in the EX Series. Borth are 1 RU in size and support up to 40g Etherent. The 4550 is a fixed configuration switch while the 4600 is partially modular.

The EX9200 core switch is the only 100G Ethernet switch and is available in three different chassis. The chassis have three different rack unit sizes with varying amounts of line cards so customers can have greater port flexibility. The EX9204 is the smallest chassis at 5 RU and three line cards. Next is the EX9208 which is 8 RU and six line cards. The largest chassis is the EX9214 at 16 RU and twelve line cards. The Core EX Series offers a flexible solution for every customer’s needs.

M Series

The M Series is Junipers edge router line which includes the first Juniper product, the M40. The M Series utilizes Flexible PIC Concentrators (FPC) that hold four Physical Interface Cards (PIC) for easy installation. All M Series edge routers are less than 1 RU in size with most allowing for compatibility with other M series PIC’s. M series offerings include the M7i, M10i, M40e, M120 and M320.

The M Series are multiservice edge routers at a compact size allowing for network consolidation and smaller scale router configurations. The M series capabilities grow with each Junos release making the M series a great choice for all networks. The same Junos software on every M series router gives a consistent set of capabilities for all network locations. The flexibility of the multiservice M series routers make them perfect for service providers and enterprises. M series routers are great for edge routing, data centers, internet gateway routing, WAN routing and as a regional backbone.

MX Series

The MX Series of routers utilizes the Junos Trio chipset. With 3D scaling technology, the trio chipset enables networks to dynamically scale bandwidth, subscribers and services.

The MX5, MX10, MX40 and MX80 are the fixed configuration routers available in the MX Series. The MX80 allows for 80 GBPS out of the box while the others are software upgradeable to 80 GBPS. The MX5 has one Modular Interface Card (MIC) slot while the MX10, MX40, and MX80 have two MIC slots.

The MX104 is the largest fixed configuration MX series router which includes 4 MIC slots, one more than any other fixed configuration MX router. The MX104 is best suited for enterprise and service provider networks.

SRX Series

SRX Series gateways offer high-performance security, network and routing solutions for enterprise and service providers. Juniper has products to service data centers, service providers, enterprises and branch offices. Ranging from 1 RU to 16 RU Juniper SRX firewalls will fit all your security needs.

SRX devices feature fully integrated unified threat management (UTM) allowing enterprises to use an appropriate level of security at each site. SRX devices include an intrusion prevention system (IPS), antispam, web filtering, and both on-site and cloud-based antiviruses.

QFX Series

The QFX Series includes 3 subseries of switches; the smaller footprints of the QFX5100 and QFX5200 series as well as the larger QFX10000 series.

There are seven models in the QFX5100 subseries. All the models are fixed configuration and 1 RU except for the 2 RU QFX5100-96S. Most QFX5100 models support up to 40G ethernet with both 10G and 40G port configurations. The -48S and -32Q models support up to 100G ethernet. With the variety of form factors many of the 40G Ethernet ports can be configured to be four 10G ports. The QFX5100 series gives flexibility on a compact footprint for all businesses and networks.

The one model in the QFX5200 subseries is a fixed configuration leaf/access switch, that is a great solution on Layer 2, Layer 3 and MPLS networks. QFX5200 switches support up to 32 ports of 100G ethernet or 128 ports of 10G ethernet configurations.

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